Wonderland Products

Is your chocolate gluten free?

We don't use any ingredients that contain gluten.  But some ingredients are processed in factories that also process foods with gluten.  There is therefore potential for gluten to be present in these ingredients.

Is your chocolate vegan?

Yes, all Wonderland treats are vegan friendly.  Being plant-based ourselves, we focus on making yummy plant-based treats, leaving the animals to live their best lives!

Is your chocolate dairy-free?

Yes, all Wonderland treats are dairy-free... and being 100% plant-based, no dairy products are used in our chocolate factory.

Is your chocolate local?

Our chocolate is made on the South Coast of Wellington in Lyall Bay, from local and imported ingredients.  If you're in Lyall Bay, it's about as local as you can get.  If you're in Oban, it's still pretty local. 

Where does your cacao come from?

Our beautiful cocoa beans and butter come from the Dominican Republic.

What do you use to sweeten your chocolate?

Organic raw cane sugar.  We tried different sweeteners when we were developing our chocolate and organic raw cane sugar came out tops for flavour!

Can I still eat the chocolate if it’s looking discoloured?

When tempered well, chocolate should have a nice shiny, dark appearance.  If it looks a little white or has white spots, it has probably come out of temper – which means it has been exposed to a temperature that’s melted it a little.  But never fear – the chocolate is still edible and will have the same delicious taste – it may just have a slightly different texture.

Shipping & Storage

How long will it take for the chocolate to get to me?

Your chocolate should be with you within 1-3 business days.   

How much is shipping?

Shipping is dependent on how much chocolate you order and where you live.  Shipping starts at $5.49 and is free when you order 11 items or more.  To find out more about shipping, see our shipping page here.  

Would you ship your chocolate outside of New Zealand?

If you live outside of New Zealand and you fancy trying our chocolate, send us an email and we’ll see what we can work out.

To store chocolate in the fridge or not?

It can be tempting to put your Wonderland chocolate in the fridge as the cashew milk can be softer than other chocolate bars.  But we don't recommend doing this as this can cause condensation to form on the chocolate, which may result in sugar bloom. 

It's best to keep your Wonderland chocolate tucked away in its packaging in a cool, dry place. 

Grabbing a couple of friends and eating a bar together can help solve this problem also! 

Gifting Options

Can I send your chocolate as a gift?

We’d love it if you did!  At this stage we offer gift wrapping in gorgeous Wonderland gift paper, before we pop it in the post to the lucky person.  Don’t forget to order some for yourself!


I don’t live in Lyall Bay, where can I get my Wonderland Chocolate fix?

Most people buy their Wonderland treats online or at our factory.  If you can't make it to our factory (Unit 45 Lyall Bay Junction, 68-74 Kingsford Smith Street, Wellington) and don't fancy shopping online, you can find us at some lovely stores.  For all stockists, please visit our stockist page here.

How do I become a stockist of Wonderland Chocolate?

If you like the look and taste of Wonderland Chocolate, just flick an email to Kate at kate@wonderlandchocolate.co.nz and we can sort something out.